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Art for adults with disabilties

It looked to me like ink sprays were going to be easiest for me to use. I had seen some very pretty stuff with the Dylusions ink sprays so I wanted to try them. I first saw them used to create a very pretty background by just spraying the colors together with a sprayer of water.

Color Theory

I did not have many colors to choose from at first so I used the crushed grape, London blue and jade green together because those three were the only ‘cold colors’ I had. I’m not really sure about the result.

‘Cold colors’ on the color wheel are blues and greens with purple acting as a color that is transitional and can be used with both cold and ‘hot’ colors. The colors that are called ‘cold’ on the color wheel are colors that are associated with things like water and ice while ‘hot’ colors are associated with fire or heat. Put together ‘hot’ colors and ‘cold’ colored ink sprays make a muddy brown.


This has been a most difficult for me to use. Often they require two hands and I have already bought some that are 6 by 6. Because my selection is limited I often have to reuse many colors on the same pages. Since the blue and purple where so dominant already I decided to use ‘Jade Green’. In order to try to cut down on the bleed effect under stencil I used ‘Pixie Spray’ light adhesive on the back of the stencil.

Black Gesso

At this point I felt like I had ruined the page. The color of the spray ink was fine and it showed up against the background nicely. But with my hands shaking and my vision compromised, I sprayed the edge stencil too and now it showed

I toyed with the idea of adding more spray but the paper was already saturated which meant I needed to use a medium without water. I have seen some beautiful examples using heavy white gesso so I was curious to see what black gesso would look like.

I had bought a full-size Fern stencil and tried to scrape gesso across the stencil on each page. Again I had trouble with the medium bleeding underneath the stencil, this time with the added insult of gesso outlining that stencil.

At this point I was really frustrated. It didn’t seem like I was meant to finish these pages in a way that I found them nice to look at. I tried one last thing by using my ‘bad’ hand to hold the stencil in place and my ‘good’ hand with a white posca paint pen to outline each part of the fern leaf.

Black Gesso and white paint

can’t say it is a good look but it is better than just leaving the leaf black. Once this was fully dry it was very interesting to see how matte black the gesso dries. I am definitely going to use the gesso again.


Art for adults with disabilities?

While I did manage to make it look presentable in the end, I was frustrated at every step it took to complete these pages. I don’t think that these smaller stencils are the way to go because it is too easy to get ink along the stencil outline. The spray inks seem to have potential but I have to do more testing to see what I could make with them. I thought that because it was thicker, the gesso would not bleed under the stencil too badly. Was I ever wrong. The gesso bled the most and still, there was a distinct part that was raised in the shape of the stencil. The way was sitting I was sitting in order to use the posca pen turned out to be somewhat painful. So, all in all, I will say that the these pages didn’t look that great so it didn’t turn out to be worth the effort it took to complete the project.

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