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More answers about why this website exists

When I came up with the Idea for this website I was very sure I did not want create a running log about my time in the hospital. Nor did I want to talk about the effects of MRSA. I doubt that anyone would want to hear about it anyway. This blog was always meant to be about my struggle to find a new way to create art. From what I have read there is a lot about art journaling that appeals to me as well as mixed media art in general. Because there was so much damage done to my brain stem I have trouble using my right hand as well as general ataxia throughout my body and damage done to my nervous system. With all of that said I need to modify most of the techniques I am seeing. I am simply writing about my way of modifying those art journal ideas.

My aesthetic preference tends to run on the darker side. So I often do not have butterflies, white modeling paste and white gesso, which are what seem to be popular for art journalers. I do like bright colors for paints and shimmery colors with black. As for writing, I can’t write anymore so I tend to avoid that where I can. And there is just too much neurological damage to allow me to keep a straight line if I draw. I mention thses issues because they are part of the reality I have to live with now. Anything artistic I do would be limited and dictated by my body and how much it limits and dictates to me. I hope this answers any questions you might have about me and clarification on my story.


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